The Quick and Easy Guide to
Business Letters & Other Correspondence

Why Do I Need a Letter?

In some cases, you don't. E-mail, memos, text messaging and personal notes are all less formal ways to communicate. But a business letter offers some specific advantages over other written form of communications:

If your purpose in sending the correspondence requires the elements listed about, you should send a formal business letter.

Business Letter Guidelines

Your letterhead/address
City, State, Zip
(1 Blank Line)

(1 Blank Line)

Company/Organization Contact (Name)
City, State , Zip

(4 Blank Lines)

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. Name or Title:

(1 Blank Line)

Introductory Paragraph (Explain the purpose of your letter. This may require a brief explanation or background to clarify for the reader. Introduce yourself and indicate where, how or from whom you learned about the position/opportunity/company.)

Body Paragraph(s) (Detail your request or response. Organize these details in a way that works best for the reader. Only include necessary or persuasive information, unless otherwise required.)

Concluding Paragraph 3 (Make reference to any enclosed materials or supplemental documents. Always include a "request for action".)

(1 Blank Line)
Sincerely (Cordially/Respectfully/etc.),

(4 Blank Lines for signature)

Your Typed Name

(Reference initials for document preparer and author)

(1 Blank Line)

(Skip to lower left hand corner and type "enclosure")

Business Letter Sample

Roadrunner Transportation Services
1234 SW 5th Ave.
Tualatin OR 97062

April 1, 2007

Ignatius M. DeBoss
ACME Product Specialties Inc.
10101 SW Pine St.
Portland OR 97204

Dear Mr. DeBoss:

We received your request for an employment reference for William E. Coyote. As Mr. Coyote's manager, I have been asked to respond to your request. While I am unable to do more than confirm Mr. Coyote's employment with our firm, I am happy to assist you in your search in any way our policy allows.

Mr. Coyote has worked for Roadrunner Transportation Services in various positions since June of 2001. He began in Customer Tracking, has worked in Distribution and Acquisition, and was recently promoted to Product Assembly and Testing. He is currently an employee in good standing.

Should you need more specific information about Mr. Coyote's employment dates, I have enclosed a Request Form for Employee Status form. This outlines our Employee Reference policies. If you need any additional clarification or have questions about the request form, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.


Porque Pigue
Assembly and Testing Manager



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