Victor Von Doom, a gypsy orphaned in Latveria, swears to return to his native country to seek revenge on those that killed his parents. He travels to America to further his studies of science and sorcery ...

At the University, Von Doom meets Reed Richards whose genius is perhaps equal to his own. But Von Doom spurns friendship, seeking only more knowledge and more power.

Rejecting Reed Richards advice, Von Doom carries out his experiment with disasterous consequences. His equipment explodes, and Von Doom is caught within the fiery blast.

Von Doom leaves America and travels to the mountains of Tibet. There he finds a secret order of monks. He learns their ancient secrets and becomes master of the order. At his command, they forge a metal suit of armour for the scarred genius. Thus, Doom is born.

Doom returns to Latveria and conquers the land. As absolute monarch, he continues his quest for power over men through mastery of science and the black arts.

Doom again finds his path crossed with Reed Richards, now leader of the Fantastic Four. When the heroes thwart his plans for absolute power, Dooms swears to destroy them.

Time and again, Doom's efforts to achieve ultimate power are defeated by the Fantastic Four, Spiderman and the Avengers. Yet in each defeat, Doom learns something, perhaps leading him closer to his final goal.
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