Baron Blood
In 1918, after the death of his father, John Falsworth travelled to Transylvania where he encountered Dracula and was killed. After three days, Falsworth rose as a vampire and was sent to England by Dracula to wreak chaos. In late October 1918, Baron Blood encountered Union Jack. They fought on Tower Bridge and the vampire was defeated. Baron Blood was not killed, however, and escaped to Germany. He became a Nazi Agent and returned to England as his own son, John Falsworth Jr. In 1942, Baron Blood made his presense known by attacking his niece Jacqueline. Thus he learned that Union Jack was his brother Montgomery, now a member of the Invaders. The Baron kidnapped Jacqueline, and revealed his origin to Jacqueline, not realising it was overheard by Union Jack. During a fight with the Invaders, the vampire threw a large boulder at Union Jack and crushed his brother's legs. Union Jack managed to loosen the boulder which rolled down and impaled Baron Blood against a stalagmite, seemingly killing him. The vampire was resurrected decades later and fought both Captain America and the new Union Jack. Captain America finally defeated the Baron by decapitating the vampire with his shield.
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