The Toughest Guys in Comics

#1 The Batman

That's right. It's "THE Batman". Not an alien. Not a mutant. Not exposed to massive doses of radiation. He can take on Darkseid AND Superman and make it home in time for a date. And then he'll take care of that punk mugger while he's ON the date.

#2 Wolverine

Logan is the best at what he does - smash and slash until there's nothing left but a stain. This mutant can take a beating and come back for more. And then come back again. And keep coming back until he kills you or you give up crying like a baby. He actually enjoys fighting hordes of ninjas and the Hulk.

#3 The Thing

He's so tough, you can't really describe him. He's just "The Thing." As muscle for the Fantastic Four, he's whomped on Doctor Doom, the Hulk, the Sub-Mariner and Moleman's giant monsters. The Thing is the only one who could stay in the ring with the Champion (saving the world from total destruction). His catch phrase says it all: "It's clobberin' time!"

#4 The Punisher

Frank Castle is out for revenge. He likes to shoot first, and then shoot again to clear up any questions about his intentions. He uses guns, rocket launchers, grenades, flame throwers, and brass knuckles. He once killed a guy with a shark. He fought a guy who was wearing one of Iron Man's old suits. Killed him with a knife. Guess what Castle does in "The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe"?

#5 V for Vendetta

Most guys on this list fight supervillians or aliens or armies. This guy fights the Government. That's right, he takes on everybody who's trying to control us and crush our independence. And he doesn't hide behind an alter ego like "Clark Kent" or "Lamont Cranston." He's just V.

#6 The Hulk

Hulk smash! Hulk beat rock man! Hulk beat metal man! Hulk beat little man with knives in fists! Hulk beat long hair man with hammer! Hulk strongest one there is!

#7 The Joker

He may not seem like much - some clown in a purple suit. But he's held whole cities hostage, poisoned the UN, and destroyed national monuments just for laughs. He's crazy enough to do anything, including stealing the powers of Mr. Mxyzptlk or trying to control the Dark Judge Death. He's not afraid of anyone.

#8 The Spectre

He is the Spirit of Vengeance, God's hand of justice. With a thought, he can strip you of your flesh or turn you into melting wax or change inanimate objects into killing tools to destroy you. Demons and angels cannot stop him. The guilty cannot escape his wrath. If he decides you should die, you die.

#9 Howard the Duck

How would you like to be dragged from your world and thrown across dimensions into a strange place called "Earth"? He is a master of Quack-Fu, Existential Philosophy and American Politics (almost elected President in 1976). He's fought vampire cows, evil cults, and supervillains like the Ringmaster's Circus of Evil and Dr. Bong. And he does it all without pants.

#10 Lobo

This interstellar assassin began his career by unleashing a violent plague of flying scorpions on his homeworld. He beat up Superman, knocked the Justice League around, fought with L.E.G.I.O.N., and even took on Darkseid. Lobo has been killed a few times, but he just gets kicked out of Hell or Heaven, and he's back at it. He seems unstoppable, although Batman defeated him. (Don't tell Lobo I said so.)

So what do you think? Who IS the toughest?