Morbius, The Living Vampire

Dr. Michael Morbius, a Nobel-winning scientist dying of a rare blood disease, attempts to find a cure by experimenting with vampire bats. His attempt fails, until he tries activating the bat enzymes with electrical shock. The results are instantaneous by the time the electricity has finished coursing through him, he has super strength, chalk-white skin, and sharp fangs. He also has an intense craving for blood to replace what the disease was eating away, so his first act as a "pseudo-vampire" is to kill his assistant. Sated, he reverts to human form, appalled by what he'd done.

Morbius struggles with his blood-lust, but is unable to overcome his thirst for blood. He has run-ins with Spiderman,the Human Torch and Blade, the Vampire Killer. Meanwhile, Morbius continues looking for a cure for his condition. After finally finding a cure, he is represented by She-Hulk in court and receives a light sentence for his multiple murders. Unfortunately, Morbius discovers later that the cure merely puts his disease into remission.