Black Panther

T'Challa is the son of T'Chaka, late king of the African nation Wakanda. When lawless ivory hunter Ulysses Klaw murdered T'Chaka in an attempt to possess the country's rare Vibranium deposit, a grief-stricken T'Challa swore vengeance and succeeded in thwarting the butcher's raid.

Educated at the finest schools in Europe and America, T'Challa returned to his homeland bearing a degree in physics and ready to assume the mantle of leadership. To do so required he pass two tests: defeat six of Wakanda's greatest warriors in unarmed combat, and obtain the secret heart-shaped herb that grants the country's chieftains their powers. Successfully carrying out the dual challenge, T'Challa donned the ceremonial garb of the Black Panther, totem of the Wakandan people. Under T'Challa, Wakanda has become one of the wealthiest and most technologically advanced nations on the planet.

T'Challa now alternates his royal duties with international adventures fighting criminals and supervillians. An accomplished gymnast and acrobat, the Black Panther is also an expert tracker. In addition, he has mastered various African martial arts and several high tech weapons. The Black Panther has also fought as an Avenger.

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