Originally human, Man-Thing is the result of an experiment gone wrong. In a failed attempt to steal the super-soldier serum used to create Captain America, chemist Ted Sallis is injected with the only test batch and stumbles, dying, into the swamp. The chemicals of the serum and the elements of the swamp merge and Man-Thing rises from the muck. Unable to think or communicate as we do, this creature is a powerful empath, feeling the emotions of those he comes in contact with. Anger and fear in others drive him to violence. With his great strength, invulnerable body and acid secretions, the monster kills or injures all who threaten him or the swamp. This swamp, located in Florida between the Seminole reservation and Lake Okeechobee, happens to contain the Nexus of All Realities. Man-Thing becomes the protector of the Nexus on this plane of existence.