The Golden Age Marvels

The Human Torch

Created as a synthetic being, the Human Torch is imprisoned by a populace that fears this flaming man. The Torch escapes, and after initially causing unintentional destruction with his flame, he learns to control his power and dedicates himself to fighting crime. An early enemy is Namor, the Submariner. Ironically, the two join forces later to battle the Nazi threat. He is destroyed in a sacrificial act, protecting the country and people that gave him life.

Captain America

Steve Rogers, a weak and scrawny army reject, volunteers to test an experimental drug. It succeeds, changing him to a superagent of great strength and speed. Before the experiment can be repeated, enemy spies destroy the drug and formula. Captain America battles the Axis enemy, including his nemisis, the Red Skull, until he is thrown into a state of suspended animation under the Arctic ice. He is revived by the Avengers, twenty years later, and continues to defend America.

Namor, the Submariner

The ruler of an underwater Atlantean kingdom, Namor possesses great strength and other powers. Originally an enemy of mankind, Prince Namor joins forces with Captain America and the Human Torch to battle the Axis threat. Once WWII ends, Namor continues his struggle with the surface world. Possessing great strength and other abilities, Namor has teamed with the Avengers and Defenders, but has also fought the Fantastic Four and Daredevil. His loyalties are still unclear.

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