Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu

The Insideous Dr. Fu Manchu, unseen since 1959, chooses an American woman for her genetic make-up to mother his son. Shang-Chi is taken from his mother at birth, fully trained in all the martial arts and schooled to perfection in the methods of his father's criminal empire. He is raised in isolation and knows nothing of the outside world but what his father allows him to know.

Shang-Chi's first outside mission introduces him to the aged Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Fu Manchu's arch-foe. Smith, along with Shang-Chi's own mother, convince Shang-Chi to reject Fu Manchu's legacy.

From that moment on, his father becomes his enemy. Shang-Chi, along with Smith and other allies, battles the evil doctor's plans and fends off vicious attacks from assassins like "Cat". At last, Fu Manchu is seemingly killed, allowing Shang-Chi to pursue a spiritual pilgrimage, seeking peace.

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