The Inhumans

Twenty-five thousand years ago, the Kree, an alien race that had been drawn to Earth, performed genetic experiments on primitive mankind, creating a tangent race. The Inhumans made there home on an island in the northern Atlantic Ocean and developed culture and technology at an accelerated rate. Genetics became their chief science, as their culture was based on rule by the genetically fit. They discovered a substance called the Terrigen Mists, which mutated their genetic structures and gave them further genetic advances. It became tradition to be exposed to the mists and be granted genetic gifts.

The Inhumans isolated themselves from the rest of humanity, keeping their existance a secret until they were discovered by the Fantastic Four. Under the rule of Black Bolt, one of the most popular Inhuman monarchs in their history, Attilan has been relocated repeatedly for the sake of their culture and safety. Attilan was even located on the blue area of the moon for a time, before being rebuilt on Earth on the surfaced island of Atlantis.

Black Bolt's court consists of Medusa, his wife and queen, Karnak, Triton, Luna, Crystal, Gorgon, Seeker and Lockjaw. This group occasionally interacts with the outside world, especially aiding or seeking the aid of the Fantastic Four. Recently, the Inhumans have come in conflict with Namor, the Submariner.

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