Adam Strange

Adam Strange, an archaeologist on a dig in a remote part of South America, is attacked by natives. As he leaps across a ravine, he is struck in mid-leap by a Zeta Beam sent from the planet Rann, which orbits the star Alpha Centauri — a Rannian attempt to establish communication with Earth. Strange finds himself on a strange new world.

Despite his being an alien, Strange is befriended by Alanna and her father. After learning the language and technology of Rann, Strange finds he must save his new home from an alien threat. He succeeds and becomes a hero to the Rannians. Strange also falls in love with and marries Alanna. In a twist of fate, however, the effects of the Zeta Beam are temporary. Fading back to Earth, Strange must wait for another Zeta Beam transmission to return to Rann.

Strange now spends time on both planets, battling against evil menaces, occasionally with the aid of Hawkman or the Justice League.

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