Zip didn't start out an evil, killer monkey. He started out a friend.
But one night, about age 7, I snuck out of bed to watch Night Gallery.
I did this most Wednesday nights, after my parents were asleep. I'd
quietly make my way to the TV room, keeping the lights off and the TV
sound low, and watch the late night horror show. Usually, I liked the
episodes, which were scary, but fun. However, one particular story,
"The Doll," was especially frightening. It was about a murderous doll,
that would open its eyes and smile an evil smile before it killed you.
When the show was over, I made my way back to my bed in the dark. I
started to close my eyes when I saw a face at the foot of my bed with
open eyes and an evil smile. It was Zip! I grabbed him and threw him
in the corner, hoping he wouldn't kill me in the night. In the morning,
Zip was buried in the back of the closet never to be seen again.
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